The Barkin' Back Story

Hello! We are so glad to meet you.

We are Stephanie Frank and Guy Kasbohm, owners of The Fetch Happy Store and we will bet we love dogs as much as you do.

We started our journey together by meeting after both of our spouses passed away unexpectedly. Too young to retire completely, and too old to change direction, we searched for a way to combine our skills and passions and our business was born.

Stephanie is an entrepreneurial veteran, life/leadership coach, dog trainer and accomplished author/speaker. Her work as a behaviorist extends to human and dog connection, training, nutrition and compatibility, which is her passion. You can find her running the hind end of the business and reaching out through the newsletter to answer nutrition and dog-behavior questions from our customers. She a member of IAABC and is on the nationwide disaster rescue team for the ASPCA and RedRover.

Guy retired from Frito-Lay several years ago after 35 years in various roles at the famous chip company. He has had dogs all of his life and is a kid at heart - which is why we focus on celebrating the human-animal bond to help everyone have more fun in their lives. Dogs adore Guy and he has a passion for helping people find more fulfillment in their lives through their four-legged companions. 

Together, we spend a lot of time laughing, finding solutions to dog issues large and small, and helping others to find more joy and connection - at work, at home, and with their dogs. We love celebrating the lives of dogs and dog lovers.

So sit, stay and relax - we celebrate YOU!