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Completely Calm - No CBD Advanced Formula for Fear, Anxiety & Stress

Completely Calm - No CBD Advanced Formula for Fear, Anxiety & Stress

Completely Calm Soft Canine Chews is a comprehensive supplement using organic ingredients without CBD that relieve stress, tension, travel sickness, grooming, separation anxiety, fear from storms, fireworks and new situations. 

Unlike most anxiety solutions for dogs, Completely Calm reduces fear, anxiety and stress of all three main types. 

  • Separation Anxiety  (fear of being alone)
  • Noise Anxiety (Fear of thunderstorms and fireworks)
  • Situational Stress (new places, people or other dogs)

Benefits of Calming Chews include:

  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Supports digestive health.
  • Improves behavior and training.
  • Creates calm without drowsiness.

Packed with natural calming and stress-relieving ingredients, these duck flavored chewables are a perfect way to take the edge off a stressful day or situation for your furry friend, and to smooth out your day as well!  

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Our Promise to You

If for any reason within 30 days of purchase, you or your pet aren't satisfied with the product, we will give you a full refund - no questions asked.

The Problem

Stress & Anxiety in Dogs is Real

Just like humans, dogs experience stress and anxiety. There are a variety of causes of it in canines and some breeds are more genetically pre-disposed.

Stress and anxiety in dogs can cause or magnify:

  • Unwanted or unsafe behaviors
  • Hiding or fleeing
  • Risk for health issues
  • Change in personality
  • Destructiveness or aggression

Understanding when your dog is uncomfortable or frightened allows you to avoid negative experiences or turn them into opportunities for positive training.

Our Solution

It's Not Just Your Dog's Stress

When your dog experiences anxiety it's stressful to you as well. Our advanced blend of organic herbs and compounds is effective for nearly all stressful situations.

When a solution like a thundershirt, chew, scents or wraps doesn’t work, it’s because it treats the WRONG kind of anxiety.  Our Advanced Formula eliminates the need for multiple products because it addresses ALL 3 primary types of anxiety.

  1. Separation anxiety
  2. Noise anxiety
  3. Situational stress

For your dog, this formulation:

  • Relieves fear of being alone or without you
  • Helps manage storm fear - thunder claps, wind and pressure changes
  • Reduces fear of noise - fireworks, loud trucks or places
  • Minimizes destructive behaviors - chewing, biting, excessive licking
  • Helps with endless barking or digging
  • Reduces travel stress - car trips and strange places
  • Relaxes pet for vet visits, grooming or training
  • Eases fear of strangers

All the calming effects your dog needs without becoming drowsy or queasy in one simple treat.

  • Tom & Bev - A Calmed Corgi

    After a run-in with a skunk in our backyard a few weeks ago, one of our Corgis, has been restless every evening and at the window, hyper-vigilant and barking throughout the night.

    After giving her one Completely Calm chew last evening, she relaxed and slept all night long for the first time in weeks. Thank you!

  • Brenda F - A Relaxed Rayna

    Yesterday, a thunderstorm rolled through and my husband gave Rayna one of the Completely Calm Soft Chews.  She did great with it.  She never got really scared and wasn't cowering in the basement like she normally does. After the storm cleared, she was bright and alert and happy, not at all groggy or skittish. Definitely a big success!    Thank you!!!

  • Rob - More Mellow Maggie

    Maggie used to be afraid of EVERYTHING - new dogs, new people, thunder - it didn’t matter.  She would either jump at them or lay on the floor like a pancake, unable to move.  After she tried the Completely Calm treats, she was like a new dog!

    She plays with other dogs happily, has stopped jumping with over-stimulated fear on other people. Most importantly, she manages thunderstorms with ease!  That’s saying a lot because we live in Arizona in monsoon territory. 

    Thank you Fetch Happy Store for making happiness possible for Maggie and me!

  • Jan - More Restful Rusty

    My dog Rusty has had the unwanted habits of lunging at other dogs and barking excessively in the house during the day.

    Today after giving Rusty one Completely Calm, she was definitely calmer and there was less barking. Now I am able to focus on my work while she’s calm.  More resting, less barking. Yay!
    This afternoon we took our walk around the block and it was much easier for me to re-direct her from wanting to lunge when excitement hit. When visiting my friend Kathy, it only took a short time for her to settle down and just be curious about the house instead of agitated.  It felt great!

  • Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety

    There are many symptoms of possible anxiety depending on the type or cause. The American Kennel Club's list includes: excessive barking, panting, drooling, hiding or depression, compulsive, repetitive or destructive behaviors, pacing or restlessness, aggression, urinating or pooping in the house.

    If your dog has on-going symptoms, you should consult your veterinarian.

  • Separation Anxiety

    Dogs are highly social animals. Along with noises and social anxiety, separation anxiety is one of the top types of stress dogs develop. While all dogs are attached to their owners to some degree, extreme stress when you leave the house is a sign of anxiety. Dogs may begin to react when they see you simply put on your jacket or pick up your keys.

  • Fear Triggered Anxiety

    Fear-induced anxiety in dogs can stem from various sources: loud or unexpected noises, unfamiliar faces or animals, visual stimuli like hats or umbrellas, new surroundings, specific situations such as vet visits or car rides, or even certain textures underfoot, such as grass or wood. These conditions may be particularly triggering for an anxious dog.

  • Generalized Anxiety

    Anything that makes your dog feel unsafe or uneasy can lead to stress and anxiety. This includes memories of past trauma, phobias, inadequate socialization, or perceived threats, whether specific or vague. Additionally, illness, advancing age, genetic pre-disposition or other health issues can also play a role.

Why is Completely Calm the Right Choice?

We care about your dog.  We select only the most high-quality herbs, natural compounds and whenever possible, organic ingredients, for our Soft
- so that you can feel good about them too.

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  • Hemp Seed Powder / Oil

    Research indicates hemp seed may reduce anxiety in dogs and strengthen their immune systems. It's also a potent anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve stressful inflammation and skin irritation issues.

  • Ashwaganda

    Among many benefits, this is renowned for relieving stress and anxiety in humans and dogs. Whether for separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, aggression, or general stress, it calms, promotes balance and reduces stress.

  • Organic Passion Flower

    This herb has been used for centuries, with modern animal and human studies indicating benefits in treating anxiety and other nervous disorders.

  • Organic Chamomile

    Long valued for its medicinal qualities, it is recognized for promoting calmness and sleep, enhancing digestive health, and its high levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

  • Organic Valerian Root

    Valerian is noted for its natural compounds that support calmness and overall health. Studies suggest that valerian root can reduce anxiety in times of stress.

  • Organic Lion's Mane

    Animal research indicates that this extract of this mushroom can aid in reducing anxiety symptoms and enhancing brain functions associated with emotional responses.

  • Suntheanine

    Suntheanine (TM Taiyo, GmbH) is a super pure and extensively tested form of L-Theanine. It has been show to be effective in reducing stress related symptoms in both pets and humans.

  • Additional Active Ingredients

    Proven for calming, relaxation, and anxiety relief:

    - Organic Ginger Root

    - L-Tryptophan

    - Colostrum

    - Melatonin

    - Vitamin B1

Completely Calm - Eliminate Stress for You and Your Dog

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Usage Guidelines

Our Calming Chews are specially formulated to naturally support your anxious or unsettled pup, to achieve a state of calm and contentment - regardless of the cause. Then you can feel relaxed, content and more connected with your pet as well!

See dosage recommendations below.

  • Under 10 lbs.

    1 Soft Chew per Day

  • 11 - 35 lbs.

    2 Soft Chews per Day

  • 40 - 79 lbs.

    3 Soft Chews per Day

  • 80 lbs. +

    4 Soft Chews per Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the ingredients in your Calming Products safe for dogs?

Absolutely! Our treats are made with natural and organic ingredients. We recommend checking the ingredient list to ensure they align with your pup's dietary needs.

How long does it take for the pre-orders to be delivered?

All orders are processed within 24 hours and will be delivered in August. We strive to get your pup's treats and products to you as quickly and fresh as possible.

Can I buy these treats in a physical store?

We primarily focus on online sales but do host occasional pop-up shops in the Prescott, AZ area. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on where we’ll be next!

Do you offer any products for dog parents?

We also offer individual items for dog parents in our store, like fun T-Shirts, hats, and other items to declare your love for dogs.

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